Traveling Trainers Brings Fitness to You

Written by Sophie Oswald  /  Photos by Jami Marshall

Many people feel intimidated by just the thought of joining a gym. Working out in a room full of complicated machines among people who are fit and skilled can be scary. Memberships can be costly too. The good news is, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to access a healthy lifestyle without even leaving your home.


Traveling Trainers, based in Lenexa, Kansas, brings personal training to your doorstep. JaCory Marshall started Traveling Trainers to make fitness more convenient and customizable. By making it simpler, each individual using the program finds meeting their goals more attainable.

Traveling Trainers began with just Marshall, but now has five trainers working to help Kansas Citians reach their goals. Their services include fitness, one-on-one training, small group training, nutritional plans, and even providing the equipment for each session.

“My goal when starting this company was to extend the benefits of fitness to those who couldn’t afford it or couldn’t access it,” explains Marshall. What is unique about Traveling Trainers is their ability to bring fitness to the home, office, park, or anywhere else it is requested. This makes people more comfortable, and increases the likelihood they stay committed to their wellness goals. The trainers are also capable of working in small living spaces. As long as you have a 6 foot by 6 foot area for the workout, you are set.

“We take a customized approach, because each individual is different. We come to them and sit down in a place they’re comfortable,” says Marshall. “We go over their past, present, and future situations, and from there we develop a plan of action.” To track fitness goals there is a monthly assessment to make sure clients are developing on course. “My favorite thing about Traveling Trainers is the people we serve—understanding where they are coming from and where they aspire to go,” he adds.

The trainers work around your busy life and routine. They get to know what will work best for you, how many times per week you should work out, as well as a diet to follow. They are committed to determining the needs of every individual. This allows them to customize a plan that applies directly to you.

Their helpfulness and encouragement towards clients on their wellness journeys goes past physical activity as well. If you need help sorting out medications or creating a meal plan, for example, they will help.

“The best move I ever made was adding JaCory Marshall’s Traveling Trainers to my weekly lifestyle,” says Maribeth Samenus, a client of Traveling Trainers. “We are all busy, and know we need to exercise, but knowing and doing are separate animals. Working out at my home every week keeps me accountable.”

The trainers are extremely qualified as well. They have background checks, are certified nationally, and have to have at least one year of training experience. No matter which trainer you choose, in order to find the best match for you, they will all be equally qualified.

The first session you receive is free, which include a one-hour consultation and a look at what the workout sessions will be like. There is no further obligation after this. If you decide to continue with Traveling Trainers, the following sessions start at $30. They also allow a second person to work out with you for free. On average the trainers work out with the same clients twice a week, but can increase to three depending on what is right for the individual. They can also be as short as 30 minutes if that is what is best for you.

“We have been utilizing Traveling Trainers going on three years now and could not be happier,” says David Duffield, another client of Traveling Trainers. “Not only do they come to us, but the trainers customize the workouts based on our fitness and wellness goals. They push us to be better at each session, and I couldn’t see myself doing it on my own.”

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