The Cellulite Cure at Sleek Physique

Written by Julie Burton  /  Photos by Jami Marshall

Womanhood is amazing. Women’s bodies are able to build another human being. Your chances of living a long life increase if you’re a woman. But being a woman has its disadvantages, too. One of those disadvantages is cellulite. Cellulite affects both men and women, but between 80 and 90 percent of women experience cellulite while only about 10 percent of men experience it.


There’s a natural way to erase cellulite, though, that doesn’t involve needles or cutting. Endermologie is a high-end spa treatment that is FDA-approved to remove cellulite. In recent years, it is even being used to smooth wrinkles on the face, neck, and décolletage.

Cindy Baumann, owner of Sleek Physique, specializes in Endermologie treatments. Baumann was introduced to Endermologie first as a client. Baumann was an avid swimmer from a young age. But as she grew older, she became self-conscious of her changing skin and cellulite. She got to the point where she would wrap a towel around her waist while walking to and from the pool. One day she saw an ad for Endermologie and decided to try it. She was hooked and remained an Endermologie client for the next seven years.

In 2005, Baumann turned her passion for Endermologie into a business. “I believe in this technology, and find greater fulfillment in providing Endermologie to others,” Baumann says. Baumann served the greater Kansas City area for five years, landing at The Swanson Center in Leawood before getting married and moving to Arizona in 2010. After upgrading her Endermologie technology to the most advanced model available in the U.S., Baumann returned to her former home within The Swanson Center in April 2019, much to the delight of her former clients.


Endermologie technology was developed in the 1970s. It works organically by increasing your own bodily processes. Your body is already circulating blood, your lymph is draining waste and toxins, and your skin is exfoliating itself. Endermologie optimizes these processes in a natural way to achieve aesthetic gains.

The Best Kept Secret in Kansas City
When you walk into Sleek Physique you fill out a medical questionnaire to rule out any contraindicating conditions. For body treatments, you also put on a full-length bodysuit. The suit serves two purposes: to keep the treatment head from sticking on and pinching your skin, and to provide you with some modesty. For facial treatments, Baumann removes your makeup. The whole process takes between 30 and 45 minutes and is non-invasive and painless.

“Because this is an organic approach, you need a series to affect changes; and much like a haircut or manicure, you need maintenance in order to retain your new appearance,” explains Baumann. “Results vary; you might need 16 to 20 treatments to reach  a plateau, then one treatment per month thereafter.”

Tracy Udell of Lenexa, Kansas, a client of Sleek Physique, says she found herself at 270 pounds on her 5 ft. 2 inch frame. “A lot of my weight was a result of side effects from medications," explains Udell. "I got off the medications and started working out and eating properly. Now I am a marathon runner and triathlete. I lost the weight slowly and with great results, but I still struggled with cellulite. After my first treatment, half of my cellulite was gone. In addition to the cellulite reduction, I’ve noticed greater energy levels and less muscle pain.”

While most of Baumann’s clients come to her for aesthetic reasons, some see her for help with other issues, too. Karen Ubank from St. Joseph, Missouri, needed scar tissue relief. 

“I was in a bad car wreck four years ago. Due to scar tissue build-up, I was having a lot of trouble with range of motion, stiffness, shoulder pain, and lower back pain,” says Ubank. “I signed up for 20 treatments. The treatments have helped tremendously in giving me greater range of motion, relief with pain and scar tissue, and helped me feel better.”

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