Escape to an Oasis of Relaxation and Well-Being

Written by T.E. Cunningham  /  Photos by Jami Marshall

Do you want to escape to an oasis of peace, relaxation, and skin rejuvenation? Licensed aesthetician Heidi Talbott has just the solution. Organic Day Spa provides face and body skin rejuvenating treatments for women, men, and youth.


Talbott has been operating out of the Solera Salon and Spa in Overland Park for nearly five years, a location where you can find all your beauty treatments. With a café on one side and a boutique on the other, the space is exquisite. 

Talbott has not always worked in skincare, though. Talbott used to work in medical aesthetics at St Luke’s South Hospital, but she began to feel the need to revisit her childhood roots. 

She grew up in California and Hawaii, so she found a job with one of the best plastic surgeons in Honolulu. Over time, she decided this did not satisfy her career needs either. She wanted more of a relaxed atmosphere that focused on beauty and wellness, so she made the transition to The Modern Honolulu Hotel Spa in Waikiki, where she was introduced to the Eminence Skincare line. This is the same line of skincare she utilizes today. 

“I thought it smelled great and was relaxing, but what I saw after the first facial I performed was transforming for me,” explains Talbott. “When you notice distinct changes in people’s skin with one facial, you know you are working with a high quality product.”

Talbott took time to educate herself on the Eminence product line. “The ingredients are not sourced from chemicals, but rather from vegetables, flowers, and other plants,” says Talbott. “It has a high active ingredient, so results are fast. Plus, it smells and feels good because it's organic.”

Talbott provides customized homecare plans for clients all over the U.S. as well. “Your skin changes with the seasons, because of lifestyle, skin type, age, and more,“ advises Talbott. “As such, your skin needs different things to stay healthy.”

Jennifer C. is a client of Talbott’s. Jennifer explains, “Heidi is so knowledgeable about skincare, and creates a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. I look forward to my facials. My skin has never looked better!”

Renew your skin and body with hydrotherapy in their European bath.

Renew your skin and body with hydrotherapy in their European bath.

Karen S., a long-time customer, adds, “I have truly enjoyed every skincare service I have received from Heidi. I love the products and Heidi is awesome. I recommend the services and the products she provides.”

Talbott says what sets her apart is she focuses on treatment, care, and educating people on how to take care of their skin every day. “Additionally, all my products are organic,” she explains. “I’m luxury spa trained, so a facial with me is the best many clients say they have experienced because they experience more relaxation, making it a luxurious experience.”

Clients also have the ability to delight in wellness and beauty options such as a blissful oxygen hydrotherapy bath soak or enjoy the Eminence Organic customized facial with Diamond Microdermabrasion to turn over cells and brighten and polish the skin. 

Oxygen therapy, one of Talbott’s exciting treatments, is a relatively new technology in the marketplace. It’s a skin treatment involving micro bulbs of oxygen, which exfoliate and hydrate every part of your body. Oxygen therapy allows for more energy, vitality, boosts metabolism, and can aid in better sleep. “It’s a fountain of youth with endless benefits,” says Talbott.

Four years ago, Talbott was trained and certified as a CT energy practitioner as well. She now offers a class series to promote wellness and mindfulness. Customers read a book, participate in a free five-week meditation class, and learn mindfulness meditation practices to help relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and more.  

“This process allows people to connect with their mind, soul, and spirit, identifying where they are currently and where they want to go,” explains Talbott. “It has been a very powerful program for me personally as well,” she adds.

Another exciting part of Talbott’s spa is parents can have a relaxing day with any of the services above and spend time with their teens. The salon has a facial targeted for youth fighting acne and clogged pores. 

“My passion for skincare and supporting people in their mindfulness gives me a well-rounded ability to support clients above and beyond what they may expect when they first come in,” says Talbott.

Face & Body Skincare by Heidi • 12020 Blue Valley Parkway, Ste. 115G, Overland Park, KS • 913.952.5842 • @Face&BodySkincarebyHeidi

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