Traveling TrainerS Masters Fitness Challenges

Written by TE Cunningham / Photos by Jami Marshall

It’s the moment you’re supposed to jump up and head for the gym. Your alarm clock is ringing, but it’s dark outside, you’re tired, and you feel unmotivated. We’ve all had this experience. But if you are looking for a new way to be inspired to become a better you, consider this: Traveling Trainers brings the workout to you, along with plenty of inspiration and support.


Based in Lenexa, Traveling Trainers is helping Kansas Citians adapt to their own fitness challenges, whether those are making time to work out, addressing nutrition, overcoming an injury or adapting to a disability.

Jacory Marshall founded the company in 2014 with the focus on helping traveling business people stay in shape. He then relaunched the company in 2017 with a broader focus. Along with four other trainers, the NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) certified fitness team customizes each program to the client with a focus on the mind, body, and spirit. 

With customized solutions to help people get—and more importantly—stay on track, the company’s services include personal training, duo and small group training, and nutrition training. The options also include specialized services in both age 18 and under training, specialty training for athletes of all ages and assistance for specific physical challenges such as flexibility issues, injuries, and disabilities.


The team at Traveling Trainers believes in customizing each client’s wellness journey. In addition to good physical activity, someone may need to reset his or her mind through meditation or need help finding a nutritious and satisfying eating plan.  

Marshall continues to train clients even while he manages the company. “I will always be involved in training because I love it. It also helps me stay ‘hands-on’ and witness emerging needs and how the company may address them,” he explains. 

“Jacory has changed our lives,” says client Brandy Smith. “I’ve lost 13 pounds in two months.” Smith had gained 20 pounds after a year filled with surgeries from breast cancer. She had also lost much of her upper body strength. “It has been really awesome. The service is inexpensive and so worth it!” she adds.

Bringing the 3 T’s to Your Home
Traveling Trainers’ goal is admirable: To mold healthier individuals in order for them to live more enjoyable, productive lives. They attain this through the three Ts: Teach, Train, Transform.

Many people sign up for gyms they barely use, and sometimes cost thousands of dollars each year. The Traveling Trainers staff believes by coming to you not only does the client get a unique opportunity, but the client has a much better chance to be successful with his or her fitness goals. The trainer will bring all the equipment and your first workout is free with no further obligation. 

“We do as little as a 30-minute training session, if that’s what it takes to help you get to a better place,” offers Marshall. “We help clients who are athletes and we help clients who have not worked out in years. If the client has flexibility issues, we may work on a yoga program with them. Conversely, if diet tends to be the problem area, meal prep with onsite delivery, nutritional consultation, and grocery shopping is within our scope.”

Don’t fret if your living space is small either. Traveling Trainers can make anything work, requiring just a 6 foot by 6 foot area for the workout.  

Marshall stresses that customization is successful because of the quality of the training team. “Our trainers are all nationally certified, have had background checks, and have a minimum of one year training experience, so our clients can have peace of mind and choose the trainer who is the best fit for them.”

As if that isn’t enough, if you hire the company to train you at home, you can even add another person for free. “We are already there, why not let you add someone if it’s going to help you stay on course?” Marshall explains. “We have mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, boyfriends and girlfriends, and spouses work out together.”

Contact Traveling Trainers by calling 913.788.1144, emailing, or visiting their website at

Suzanne Steiner