Midwest Myofascial Release Center: An Invitation to Feel Better

Written by Ann E. Butenas /  Photos by Jami Marshall

Chronic pain tends to be a universal condition. At some point in our lives, we all will deal with pain to some degree or another. Some people may turn to medicinal measures. Others may just live with it, assuming there is no alternative. But why should you live with something that's not natural? 

The "Simple Detox” cleanses your body of toxins by sitting in an infrared sauna and completing a juice fast. The juices are provided by Simple Science Juices.

The "Simple Detox” cleanses your body of toxins by sitting in an infrared sauna and completing a juice fast. The juices are provided by Simple Science Juices.

If you truly want to feel better and experience a genuine sense of overall health and well-being, perhaps you should look into the integrative services offered at Midwest Myofascial Release Center in Overland Park.


Not to be confused with massage therapy, myofascial release is an effective and safe technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. 

Established by Jan Kelly, Midwest Myofascial Release Center has a focus on empowering individuals to heal at their own pace with the goal of returning to a pain-free and active lifestyle. With myofascial release therapy at the foundation of the center’s treatment approach, you also can choose from several modalities to achieve alignment in mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Services include far-infrared sauna sessions, therapeutic massage, NeuroOptimal® neurofeedback, neuro-linguistic programming, scar tissue release, Reiki healing, and juice cleanses that detox your body and releases any restrictions that may prohibit your body from experiencing a pain-free existence. The center offers comprehensive, individualized programs provided in a safe and nurturing environment.

Office Manager Laura Christine initially came to Kelly as a client about seven years ago with certain autoimmune issues. As a result of her work with Kelly and the other practitioners in the clinic, Christine says today, she is about 95% pain-free. Thanks to her great experience, Christine has developed a passion for helping others and currently focuses on detoxification as a means to healing.

“You should strive to do a major detox about about once every quarter,” she says. “Some of the primary benefits of detox include increased energy, clearer thinking, enhanced taste, better skin, improved digestion, and just an overall feeling of wellness.” 

A juice cleanse essentially kickstarts you into a healthy lifestyle. The center partners with Simple Science Juices, which creates cold-pressed organic juices. “With each bottle, you receive the vitamins and minerals of 2.5 pounds of fresh organic fruits and veggies,” she explains. The juices provide a plant-based energy source that gives your body what it needs.

The sauna and juice cleanse provides a “simple detox” — drinking juice and sitting in the sauna is much easier than taking pills or powders, or following a restricted diet. Plus, the infrared light works at a cellular level, aiding in pain relief, improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, and reduced inflammation. “It really works,” Christine shares, smiling. “You just feel better.”

And, clients completely agree. “I love using the infrared sauna in combination with another treatment, especially before a myofascial release session,” says Debbie S. “I emerge feeling cleansed, clear, and with rosy cheeks.”

A pressure-free environment, the experts at Midwest Myofascial Release Center give clients the opportunity to determine their individual needs.

“It is all up to the client and how that person feels,” Christine says. “You can come in for one or a few services or you can establish an on-going relationship with the practice.”

If pain, injury, or illness has left a debilitating effect on you, then consider the specialties at Midwest Myofascial Release Center. Your body is a wise instrument, and sometimes you have to really tune into it to understand what it is telling you.

Contact Christine at 913.548.8546 or 913.706.2204, or visit midwestmyofascialrelease.com to learn more. The Midwest Myofascial Release Center is located at 7270 W. 98th Terrace, Suite 220, in Overland Park.