Designing Smiles and Changing Lives for 20+ Years

Photos by Jamie Squire

Photos by Jamie Squire

Written by SIMPLYkc Magazine staff

What makes a great smile? Ask Ross Headley of KC Smile in Overland Park, and he’ll tell you it depends on who you ask. As a dentist whose emphasis is on cosmetic dentistry, he gets a lot of feedback from his patients.

Dr. Headley says a patient’s idea of a beautiful smile is as varied as the motivation for people who are seeking beautiful teeth. Some people never had braces as adolescents and now want straight teeth, while others had braces but feel their teeth still are not attractive. Whether you are looking for love, searching for a new job, walking a daughter down the aisle, or fulfilling a lifelong dream, it’s certain that a stunning smile makes everything better.

Dr. Headley and his team help patients with one simple goal in mind. “We turn ordinary smiles into extraordinary ones,” he shares. “Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the transformation of not only the teeth, but also the transformation of self-confidence and self-esteem.”

KC Smile offers a wide range of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, in addition to free consultations. Part of that free consultation includes digital imaging that allows a patient to see how they can look with cosmetic dentistry before committing to the procedure. “It is somewhat like a crystal dental crystal ball, where you can visualize the difference,” Dr. Headley explains. “And the fact that it’s free makes it even better.”

One of the biggest roadblocks for people seeking services is fear. “Many people had a bad dental experience when they were young or are fearful for other reasons,” he says.

Dr. Headley discusses the patients’ fear and for those who need it, he will prescribe oral sedation dentistry.  Many of those fearful patients often come back for future appointments without needing the oral sedation. 

Another concern is time. But Dr. Headley says most cosmetic cases can be completed in as few as two appointments about two and a half weeks apart. In the interim, patients wear temporaries.  

Dr. Headley often sees models, actresses, singers, and beauty queens in his practice.

Former Miss Kansas Jennifer Vannatta-Fisher says having cosmetic dentistry gave her added confidence in pursuing her title. She likes to call it “confidence dentistry” instead of “cosmetic.” Vannatta-Fisher‘s husband, J.C. Fisher of The Texas Tenors, also loves the smile Dr. Headley designed for him. “As a singer, it is a great feeling to know when your mouth is wide open and you are singing that your teeth look awesome,” Fisher says.

Although cosmetic dentistry is a large part of Dr. Headley’s daily schedule, he also performs all general and restorative dental procedures that include crowns, bridges, and dental implant restoration. His goal is to make sure all patients have their teeth in good condition to make chewing and eating their favorite foods possible. Many patients are established long-time patients who come regularly to see one of the highly skilled dental hygienists. 

As KC Smile’s slogan says, life can be enhanced with a beautiful smile. “Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder and everyone has their own definition of what makes a smile beautiful,” he says. “Our mission is to make sure we understand what each individual wants and develop a plan that will meet or even exceed their expectations.”

If your smile doesn’t reflect how you feel inside, Dr. Headley welcomes the opportunity to discuss the best options for you. Life’s simply too short not to smile as much as possible.  

KC Smile is located at 12850 Metcalf Ave., Suite 200, in Overland Park. Call 913.491.6874 to schedule a free consultation or visit for more information about services.