Mama Resch’s Bakery Proves Gluten-Free Treats Are Every Bit As Sweet

Written by Tiffany Killoren

Photo by Jami Marshall

Photo by Jami Marshall

The most significant rewards in life often result from the hardest of times. Angela Resch learned this lesson firsthand and decided to turn one of her life’s challenges into a sweet little addition to Overland Park.

When Resch’s son developed health issues and difficulty concentrating eight years ago, her reaction was like any other parent — she wanted to find a way to help him. Doing her research, Resch discovered that many of her son’s symptoms could be related to food allergies, a suspicion later confirmed when testing revealed nearly 75 food intolerances, including rice and potatoes. “It’s all chemistry,” Resch explains. “It’s about how food interacts with your brain.”

Discovering her son had an intolerance to gluten and other products was an essential first step, but one that came with additional challenges because gluten-free foods available at the time still contained ingredients he couldn’t process due to allergies and other medical issues. Determined to make things better for her son, Resch decided to do something about that. 

A former executive in the apparel industry, Resch understood business, but she had to learn how to bake in a whole new way. Creating her flour blends, Resch sought out to create recipes not only gluten-free, but also free of dairy, soy, corn, and nuts. As demand for her products grew, Resch moved from her kitchen into a more professional setting, spending a few years at a small business incubator before officially opening the doors to Mama Resch’s Bakery in December 2013.

From donuts, cupcakes and granola bars to beautiful cakes and her best-selling banana bread, nothing is missing from Resch’s delectable treats. High-quality ingredients, such as homemade strawberry puree for her cupcakes’ frosting, merely take the place of processed flavoring used in other products.

Although providing healthy alternatives for her customers is one factor driving Resch’s success, she takes the most pride in helping to lessen the social stigma surrounding allergies. “There’s a social impact people don’t understand and need to be more mindful of,” she shares. “Whether it’s a gluten allergy or nuts, kids with these allergies can’t eat the same stuff other kids eat. 

“We’re focused on the entire allergen community because you lose a lot of convenience in life,” Resch continues. “You can’t just send your kids to school with money for hot lunch or go to restaurants.” 

By providing healthy and allergy-conscious food alternatives, Resch hopes to help create a more inclusive community. “People can come in and buy a couple dozen cupcakes for school, and the kids have no idea they’re gluten-free,” she says.

Tammy Rhodes, a regular customer of the bakery, can’t imagine going anywhere else. Her daughter suffers from Celiac disease and tree nut and peanut allergies, which limit her food options. Referring to Mama Resch’s as a “true blessing” to her family, Rhodes’ daughter is now able to eat the foods she loves and bring the bakery’s cupcakes to school for birthday celebrations. 

“Every time we enter the bakery, her employees greet us with huge smiles,” Rhodes says. “We are incredibly grateful to Angela and Mama Resch’s Bakery for allowing us the opportunity to have some normalcy in our lives by allowing my daughter the ability to eat tasty treats, which are safe for her to eat, just like everyone else.” 

It’s that feeling of inclusiveness that makes Resch so proud and passionate about her work. “I love that kids, who are told ‘no’ all the time due to allergies,” she says, “can come into the bakery and be told they can have anything. It’s all safe.”

Mama Resch’s Bakery is located at 12635 Metcalf Ave. in Overland Park. Contact the shop by calling 913.213.5355 or visit