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• 65,000 readers per issue
• Targeted audience: upper-middle to affluent women, ages 25 to 45+
• Median income for a household in Johnson County: $73,733
• Distribution to more than 1,500 high-traffic retail and service locations

Why advertise in SIMPLYkc Magazine?
• Advertisers in SIMPLYkc build solid, long-lasting relationships within the Kansas City community.
• Receive visibility among more than 65,000 motivated and influential area residents.


In an age of interruption, MAGAZINES ENGAGE

Readers take action. More than 60% of print magazine readers took action as a result of a magazine ad.

Magazines have high engagement rates. These publications score higher than TV or the Internet in “ad receptivity” and other engagement measures. Readers spend 41 minutes with each issue. 

Readers value the content. They have a positive attitude toward advertising in magazines and believe the ads provide useful information.

Magazine advertising has a high return on investment. Studies show that allocating more money to magazines in the media mix improves marketing and advertising ROI across multiple product categories. 

Readers are influential. Magazine readers are more likely than users of other media to influence friends and family on product purchases across a variety of advertising categories.

*Source: The Magazine Media Factbook 2012/2013 (Association of Magazine Media)


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