September 2019 • Home/Style Section

A master suite Fit for a Queen

Written by Julie Burton / After Photos by Cathryn Farley

Your home has a story. The obvious stories can be told. Maybe that now-six-foot-tall tree in your backyard was planted the same week your son was born. Or one year, the dog ate the Thanksgiving pie on your kitchen counter. Or your daughter’s favorite spot to do homework is on the giant leather chair in the living room.

Your home tells a story without using words. Traditional, modern, contemporary, it doesn’t matter what your home’s style is-—it sets a mood. It provokes emotion, but it also  reflects your personal comfort.

Will Brown is the owner of Will Brown Interiors. His job is interior design. His job is to find your home’s story.

Brown’s client presented him with a challenge: her European traditional master bedroom and master bath didn’t look the way she envisioned. The two rooms were dark and she didn’t have enough room to spread out. Her goal was relaxation. She wanted her master bedroom to feel like a place she could hang out all day and her bathroom to be a personal sanctuary with light spilling in. She wanted to feel like a queen in this part of her home.

And there it was—royalty. A European princess. Brown ran with it. “A princess in Europe became the story I created. I don’t show you fabric and colors. I find your story. It gets you there emotionally with design and takes you on a journey. I’m a storyteller,” Brown explains. 

Channeling a European princess, Brown started with the bathroom. Where would this European princess get ready in the morning? At an over-the-top vanity, of course. Brown’s client wanted pieces that felt like furniture. His solution was to replace the old vanity with a glamorous writing desk that has an Italian cut and a smoky mirror overhead. The unexpected writing desk is the focal point in the bathroom; everything else is understated. Brown says, “Every room should have a statement piece or focal point. If you don’t have one, you have to create one with a piece of furniture or art piece. That’s what starts the conversation—a story.”

The tub presented a challenge for Brown. When the old tub was removed and the freestanding tub was put in, it left open space around the perimeter. It needed to match the tile on the floor. Stone is a natural substance so it needs to come from the same lot. With the help of vendors, Brown was able to make the tile work. 

“The biggest change for this project was the color,” he explains. “Using creams added more dimension to the space. From there, it was exciting to get the next layer in. My client can read in the master because she has light coming in from the bay windows. If you have the space in your master to bring in a chair or a sofa, do it. It adds a quiet space in the room.” 

After everything was finished, Brown’s client felt like the royalty she had envisioned. The European princess, that is.

Things to know before updating a bathroom or master bedroom:

Budget. Many people aren’t honest or upfront with budget. Do your homework before you get involved. 

Know what is inspiring your project. Are you selling the house and needing to update to get the best value? That’s important to know if you won’t be personally enjoying the space. Are you converting space because you’re expecting a new baby? Are the kids moving out and you need help deciding what to do with the extra space? Your home is an emotional investment.  

Know your style/aesthetic. Are you modern or contemporary? There’s a difference. What modern means to you may be different than what modern means to your spouse. Spouses don’t always agree, but that can be a good thing. An interior designer can find a middle ground. That is what design often is—a blending. 

Trust in the process. This is what an interior designer does. You’ll see the big picture and everything will make sense at the end. Interior design isn’t television. There isn’t a “ta-da!” moment. The process is incremental because you’re still living in your home. You’ll build a relationship and let your home tell your story.

Key Project Credits  Photographer: Cathryn Farley • Nell Hill: Deco Pillows and Drapery • Locks & Pulls: Bathroom drawers and cabinets • Ferguson Enterprises: Freestanding Tub • Gwin’s Tile Co.: Bathroom Tiling Contractor • Emser Tile: Bathroom Tiles

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