A Dose of Relaxation: Infused Cosmetic & IV Rejuvenation

Written by Allison McLeay  /  Photos by Jami Marshall

Alex Tripp, a board-certified anesthesiologist, and Katy Tripp, a registered nurse, realized they were more than just the perfect match in love and marriage. They were perfect business partners as well. While both had a passion for healing people, they envisioned a business venture that could also satisfy society’s demand for feeling better quickly.


After months of helping close friends and family, the couple established Infused Cosmetic and IV Rejuvenation in May 2018. This mobile medical spa offers botox, dermal fillers, IM injections, and IV infusion services all across Kansas City. Infused Rejuvenation treats individual clients as well as collaborates with local businesses to do pop-up events, botox parties, weddings, and more.

What Are IV Infusions?
Each IV package is equipped with water-soluble vitamins and fluids that cater to your body’s current and individual needs, including migraine relief, anti-aging, and recovery from exhaustion or hangovers. “The medicines we use are all common and tolerated very well,” explains Alex.

Infused Rejuvenation tailors their recommendations to your lifestyle, but all infusions include 1 liter of electrolyte-balanced fluid and use a unique combination of water-soluble vitamins and other necessary fluids. Infused Rejuvenation offers five different IV infusion packages to rehydrate, replenish, and revive your body for various circumstances.

This market of IV infusions, hydration therapy, and revive methods has become popular as the ultimate and healthy way to recover quickly. “We’re not treating people for diseases,” explains Katy. “It’s things like hangovers, anti-aging, colds, and flus. It doesn’t bloat you, and all the vitamins and minerals go directly into your bloodstream. Plus, the results are usually felt within 30 minutes.” 

Alex says that education and getting the word out has been a challenge. “A lot of people don’t know services like this even exist,” he explains. “The difficulty is getting people used to the idea that they can have somebody come over and fix their hangover or flu in a half hour.”


Revive—which is a package consisting of anti-inflammatory medication, multiple anti-nausea medications, and immune-boosting Vitamin C—is an especially popular product on Saturday and Sunday mornings, or in some cases for an entire wedding party. “One of our best events was the day after a recent wedding when one of the groomsmen bought eight IVs for the wedding party as a gift,” says Katy.

Lauren Walsh is a client of Infused Rejuvenation, and she says she has felt the miracles of what the infusions can do. “The IV helps you recapture what would have been a lost day,” says Walsh. “Why not have your hangover gone in an hour or two?”

During flu season, the Vitamin C injection is in high demand. For clients like Mary Butler, though, it’s a monthly necessity. “I haven’t had an illness—not even a cold—since January 2018, and I have a 5- and 6-year-old who share their germs with me on a regular basis,” says Butler. 

Infused Rejuvenation Comes to You
By eliminating the storefront and typical business hours, Infused Rejuvenation is able to keep their prices low and their services available to a wide range of clients across the city. The process is simple, involving a 10-minute health history assessment followed by a 20-minute IV Infusion in the comfort of your own home. 

Infused Rejuvenation’s client Lauren Walsh adds, “The last thing you want to do when you aren’t feeling well is leave the house, so this solves that problem for me.”

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