Will Brown: Artist to Designer

Written by Sophie Oswald  /  Photo by Cathryn Farley

Hiring an interior designer might seem stressful or intimidating if you’ve never gone through the process. Choosing someone who is truly passionate about design and aligns with your project vision is key. This is where Will Brown enters. It is his goal to take the stress out of your design journey and help develop your unique vision. He believes a home should create the backdrop for life’s important moments to take center stage.

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Brown has always been a creative individual at heart, and he comes with a vast artistic background of illustration, photography, graphic design, and product design. The combination of his natural artistic talent and childhood experiences led him to become an interior designer.

“My mom was always making our home feel both beautiful and cozy. My dad was in the military so we traveled during my childhood years. One of the things my mom was so good at was creating a warm and familiar home no matter where we lived,” says Brown.

Brown didn’t consider working interior design until he began helping friends while working at Target and Hallmark. They knew he was creatively talented, so they reached out to him to help with spaces in their homes. “One project led to another, and before I knew it, I had a portfolio of these projects,” says Brown. He began posting his work online, which led to a growing side business.

Part of Brown’s strength as a designer has been storytelling. It is important for him to figure out his client’s story and what they want to convey. “I relish listening and creating a storyline with the project, and I use space as a way to tell stories. A project can be as practical as updating a bathroom or refreshing a bedroom, but I  try to go deeper,” he explains. This helps determine the color palette and material along with inspiring imagery that allows him to cater to the client. “Storytelling really is how I’m able to get clients to understand and buy into the vision.”

As important as it is to Brown to focus on the client’s story, he also likes to bring his perspective to each project. His interest in traveling and experiencing different cultures offers a unique point of view. He has traveled to locations where furniture and decorative accessories are created, such as factories in Asia and Europe, as well as storefronts and workshops of local makers. “It shouldn’t just become another piece you’ve added to someone’s home, instead each piece has a story behind it,” explains Brown.

A lot of his clients are well-traveled and have interesting stories themselves.
Because of this, Brown has found them to be more open to diverse ideas and taking a level of risk with their spaces. “I think of interior design as a journey and a collaboration,” Brown explains. “If they give me a list of ‘I don’ts’ or ‘what not to dos,’ it could be a barrier to fulfilling a brilliant project, and it’s sometimes a lot of work to get them beyond that.”

Brown worked for two large creative-based companies prior to creating his own business, and these positions led to project management experience. His roles gave him leadership, problem solving, and people skills that he puts to use in his new title of owner. “I come armed with a lot of things that make it easier to work with someone who is a seasoned creative professional,” Brown says.

He also enjoys collaborating with local artists and businesses. “I look for opportunities where I can cross-promote or collaborate with businesses. I have come to embrace Kansas City and its entrepreneurial spirit,” says Brown. “And I feel it’s important to build a thriving community that supports the drive and provides opportunities to the small business owner.”

If you’re willing to open up your home and mind to Brown, it will be a collaboration of a lifetime.

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Suzanne Steiner