The Suite Life: BluSky Salon Suites


Written by Julie Burton  /  Photos by Jami Marshall

BluSky Salon Suites allows you to move up in your career—get promoted, become your own boss.

If you’re a salon professional, moving into a suite is moving your business to the next level. BluSky Salon Suites offers the ability to move upward while working alongside the best of the best salon professionals in Kansas City.


“Once cosmetologists graduate from school, they usually work at a commission-based salon where they can build a clientele and continue to learn, with the next step becoming their own boss in booth rental or salon suites,” says Diana Cheatham, co-owner of BluSky Salon Suites.


Jamie Lingner, Cheatham’s daughter and co-owner of BluSky Salon Suites, says, “If you’re not 100 percent happy where you are, just come look. Walk through—there’s no pressure. Set your standards high and grow your clientele at our suites.”

Cheatham says she always liked working with hair, but it was never a lifelong dream. “Once I went to school for it, though, I found out I loved the industry,” she explains.

Lingner’s dream was to work in broadcasting while attending University of Kansas. She ended up attending beauty school as well, though. “Looking back, I was already cutting my friends’ hair. I was into it,” Lingner laughs. “My friends thought since my mom cut hair, I would be good too. But I never regretted my decision once I went to school.”

Cheatham and Lingner have worked together for the past 15 years, sharing the same chair and space. They rarely worked side-by-side since they held different hours and different days with their own clientele. As the women moved up the beauty industry, though, they discovered what stylists really want. “Once we worked in the suite environment, we never wanted to work in an open salon again,” Lingner explains. It wasn’t until opening BluSky Salon Suites that Cheatham and Lingner found out what it’s like to work as a team without having the stress of managing anyone.

Their work paid off. Their BluSky Salon Suites location in Leawood began to have a high-demand waitlist, so Cheatham and Linger have launched a second location in Corbin Park. Inside there are 20 single suites and two double suites.

Each suite has is its own room with glass barn doors, but the suites are not closed off from the rest of the salon. It’s quite the opposite—the salon shares a processing area in the back to allow clients to relax in massage chairs and enjoy a cup of coffee or Kombucha tea.

“We have merged the best of both worlds,” explains Lingner. “We offer suites for stylists to rent, but we still give them the open-salon feel.”  

The check-in system is digital, sending a text message to each stylist when clients arrive. Stylists are free to choose their own hours and which products they use. Most appointments are booked in advance. Customers of the salon can book from the website,, or find the stylist they wish to see and call them directly. 

Sarah Campbell, a stylist at BluSky Salon Suites, says, “The atmosphere and vibe speak for themselves. My clients love the beautiful interior. I’m proud to say I’ve never worked with more confident, smart, beautiful, and talented women. Jamie and Diana are always there if we need anything and they make it easy for us to run our own businesses stress-free.”

Lingner finds herself working behind the chair most days, and Cheatham works on the business side. Lingner says, “Since opening BluSky, I have found that my mom and I are very different, but it works out well. We complement each other. It was like we were meant to do this. My favorite thing is watching businesses and stylists grow into their own boss. When someone wants to rent a suite from us, we know they’ve made a name for themselves. We are a small community of great stylists with large clienteles.”

BluSky Salon Suites •

Leawood Suites / 5051 W. 134th St., Leawood, KS • 913.485.7202

Corbin Park Suites / 6917 W. 135th St. B33, Overland Park, KS • 913.485.7202

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