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Written by Natalie Christie McGovern  /  Photos by Jami Marshall

From sensitive skin to anti-aging, C Skincare offers a variety of esthetic services in the KC metro. Owner Helen Seo, who created the company, has credentials in the Korean beauty industry, and wanted to bring her knowledge and the fundamentals of skincare to a mainstream audience. Influenced by her sister, who created organic cosmetics for ten years, Seo was most inspired by the fact that many people focus more on their makeup than taking care of their skin. She set out to change this trend.


Six months off the ground and C Skincare is introducing natural, organic, K beauty-inspired treatments and services. Seo firmly believes that the beauty of the natural state of a human being is directly related to health. She was driven to open a business to offer the best skincare locally and spread a message about the significance of skincare. With this in mind, C Skincare specializes in acne care, sensitive skin types, and anti-aging skincare regimens.

C Skincare’s brand identity is based on wellness and maintenance of a healthy, youthful state of the mind and skin. Its motto is, “The more time you spend, the younger you are,” a tenant the company is founded upon. 

“It is our goal to spread the idea that the skin is deserving of investment and nurture,” explains Seo. “We are interested in health, beauty, and well-being.” 

Focusing on rejuvenation and anti-
aging beauty, the company aims to help revitalize skin and create a radiant glow from within. In order to keep skin looking youthful, fresh, and vibrant, individuals must devote time and care to maintain the appearance of healthy skin from within with essential skincare sessions. 

To get started, Seo offers consultations for clients and an in-depth assessment of a person’s skin and its needs. For Seo, this is like a blueprint. No skin type is exactly the same, and a professional consultation addresses the personal needs of various skin types. Depending upon the treatment plan being advised, different ingredients are implemented for overall skin beauty and health.

A focus on K beauty
Korean beauty, a top trend in the skincare market right now, also puts an emphasis on customizing skincare needs and the amount of hydration it requires. The idea of K beauty is wellness and youth within a beauty regimen. Known for its cutting-edge technology, organic elements, and emphasis on hydrating skincare and maintenance, K beauty specializes in beauty treatments that invigorate and energize the skin with detoxifying and moisturizing earthy, marine ingredients. Feeding the skin with skin food such as natural and botanical extracts is foundational. 

C Skincare expertly fuses the knowledge of K beauty philosophy and practices and incorporates the best methods of skincare into its treatment plans. This includes microcurrent treatments with high and low frequencies. These result in effective transdermal deliveries of luxurious and nutritious ingredients, such as highly sought-after pearl or ginseng to brighten the complexion, create muscle relaxation, and depuff or moisturize the skin. 

Some of the unique ingredients used in K beauty contain rich antioxidant properties, often coveted ingredients in modern beauty formulas. Most importantly, they focus on natural components, and even sometimes contain unique ingredients such as porcine collagen or snail emollient.

The key details are what set C Skincare apart from other brands and companies. Seo is internationally CIDESCO certified, and is well-versed in skincare science. It can take years to perfect the right skincare regimen that works and gets results, and C Skincare is here to guide clients along their beauty and wellness journey. Seo will recommend the most suitable scientific skincare sessions that fit the needs of the client, and will make personalized aroma therapeutic recommendations such as beauty tips and customized facial masks. C Skincare strives to be inspirational in every way, and encouraging to achieve the best youthful and healthy skin.

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