Enjoying the Golden Years: Rush Errands Senior Concierge Services Caters to Independent Senior Living

Written by Natalie Christie McGovern  /  Portrait of Melissa Rush by Jami Marshall

Does your loved one need company to a Royals game? Or maybe a theater production or a wine tasting sounds appealing, but ride shares aren’t available. Or they may just need assistance in their own home, but don’t want to ask. Melissa Rush of Rush Errands Senior Concierge Services can help, and from the comfort of your loved one’s home. In a day where senior citizens are seeking assisted living and alternative options, senior concierge is expanding and becoming a fixture in the life of an aging adult.


Rush offers senior concierge services that bridge the gap for those needing a helping hand. Senior citizens who live at home can relax as each each detail of their schedule is managed and orchestrated—from running errands to gardening.

Rush offers a multitude of non-medical services, including grocery shopping, pet sitting, house sitting, or just simple companionship. Clients often need rides to doctor’s appointments, need to be accompanied on walks, need help with regimented medication schedules, or need a personal assistant to deal with daily tasks and chores. The need is there, but clients are often hesitant to ask for help so they do not burden their families. A concierge service helps lighten that load.


The senior health care and concierge service industries are growing to serve a wider and more rapidly growing population. It is estimated that by 2020 nearly 14 million people in the United States will be over the age of 85. With this growing demographic, more and more concierge services are catering to fit the needs of aging adults nationwide. Professional caregivers that offer an alternative to assisted living situations are in high demand, and offer an attractive advantage for families with hectic schedules.

For Rush, it was nostalgia and the desire to help that inspired her business venture. In high school, Rush worked at an old-fashioned soda fountain drugstore where she made friends with many senior citizens who came in and told stories of their past. Rush learned of the elderly customers’ histories, lessons they shared, and the legacies they lived. She appreciated their tales of triumph, heartbreak, and history.  

Rush was inspired to find a way to give back to the elderly generations, and so Rush Errands Senior Concierge Services was born this past March. Rush recalls one special drugstore customer who had lost his wife 15 years earlier. With no family in the area to assist him, he had to leave his home prematurely. It broke Rush’s heart to watch this happen to him without any way to intervene. She became determined to someday find a way she could help.

“My mission is to help seniors enjoy the glitter of their golden years without feeling like they are burdening their families,” says Rush. “We aim to keep seniors in their homes for as long as they like.”

Compassion drives Rush’s philosophy for her business. Her genuine love and care for elderly adults speaks volumes, as she sustains the daily living of individuals not ready to go into a nursing or retirement home. Projecting that compassion into the community is her goal. Rush plans to donate baby dolls to Alzheimer’s patients in long-term care facilities around the Kansas City area. She is also annually involved with Strut with Your Mutt, volunteers at her children’s schools, and assists with Harvesters in her community. 

Rush graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and is a certified CPR specialist. She has worked in the KC metro for 15 years, and prior to her concierge business was in the dentistry and banking industries. She specializes in senior clients retaining their independence and enjoying life in their golden years, giving back to an aging generation. Rightfully so, she is living each day to the fullest, helping senior clients reclaim theirs.

Rush Errands Senior Concierge Services • 816.769.9070 • rusherrandsscs@gmail.com

Suzanne Steiner