Pinot’s Palette Provides Creative Outlet for any Occasion

Written By T.E. Cunningham / Photos by Jami Marshall

Grab your friends, prepare some appetizers, open your favorite bottle of wine, and get ready to be inspired at Pinot’s Palette located in the heart of Briarcliff Village shopping center.

Local artists will guide you step-by-step through a session of painting while you sip your wine or whatever beverage you prefer. The studio itself is beautiful, with prominent crown molding and hardwood floors, and it houses a private party room for up to 18 people. 

Elizabeth Nelson was inspired to open a Pinot’s Palette in 2015 in Kansas City after she was a customer at a different Pinot’s Palette. She enjoyed it so much she decided to become a small business owner. 


“I wanted to be near downtown, and Briarcliff Village is just adorable,” explains Nelson. “It’s an upscale, vibrant area, and I wanted our customers to feel safe at all times. I also love that there are plenty of other fun things for them to do here with their evening or afternoon out.”

At Pinot’s Palette, sessions can be purchased for all types of occasions, including bachelorette parties, birthday parties, fundraisers, anniversaries, marriage proposal events, gender reveal parties, corporate team building events, and more. 

“We put a focus on team building events,” says Nelson. “It is a creative, fun experience that can break down problems the office environment presents. It encourages a positive experience in an atmosphere free of politics or a corporate mentality.”

The studio also hosts celebrations of life. Nelson recalls one celebration in which the woman who passed away loved winter scenes. “Her daughter selected one such scene and, in her honor, everyone painted it,” she explains. “They further honored the deceased’s memory by adding her initials to each of their paintings.”


But what to paint?
“There are hundreds of paintings that can be chosen online,” says Nelson. “It’s not just limited to canvas either. Our guests can paint illuminated wine bottles, wine glasses, and more.” Would-be artists can even create a more abstract painting with what the staff call marble art, also known as pour painting. The studio has also incorporated wood pallet paintings into their collection.

Voted the best painting party by The Pitch in 2018, the staff takes pride in the points of difference from their competition in KC. “We are a more upscale experience here—from our beautiful space to using real wine glasses and fantastic customer service,” says Nelson. “Our guests can expect a great time, every time. Our staff is funny, entertaining, and talented.”

Nelson mentions that it’s not unusual for guests to dance and sing along with the music while they mingle and paint. “It’s very therapeutic and allows you to get your creative juices flowing. I always tell people what happens in the art room, stays in the art room,” Nelson jokes.

The guests become true believers too. “I will go again and again, and not just for special occasions,” says customer Trissie Watson. “My first time at the studio was the result of a birthday present from a friend, and it was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! Our instructor was a grade school art teacher, and her skill set and directions made our project easy to follow. The music and environment are great too.”

Finally, the studio provides self-guided painting opportunities, so you don’t have to have a big group to get your paint on and channel your inner Rembrandt!

The two-hour public class is $35 per person, and party group pricing varies, although discounts may apply to parties of 15 or more. There is a minimum requirement of eight in your party to use the private room.

Some of the items on the menu of fun at Pinot’s Palette include:

  • Date night: Each partner paints and then the two paintings are combined for a total piece.

    Bachelorette/Bridal Parties: The Briarcliff studio will present a complimentary painting of the bride’s wedding dress.

The studio can also assist guests in creating a custom painting that features their house, dog, car, or other fun ideas.

Corporate Team Building Ideas: 

  • Mystery painting: The staff chooses the painting for the group, and what you are painting starts to emerge slowly.

  • Jigsaw painting: Each of the paintings makes a larger combined scene. An homage to Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night hangs on the studio wall and was painted in this fashion.

  • Collaborative: Guests paint together on one big canvas.

  • Musical chairs: Guests move around to music and paint on whichever canvas they are in front of when the music stops.

Pinot’s Palette • 4165 N. Mulberry Dr., KCMO • 816.492.3772 • •

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Suzanne Steiner