Phoenix Natural Wellness: Educating The Community About CBD

Written by Brennan Hallock / Photos by Jami Marshall

Medicine is such a dynamic field of study, it is nearly impossible to keep up with the constant scientific breakthroughs and groundbreaking inventions. Sometimes, though, medical advances involve stepping back and taking a look at products that have been available for millennia. 


One of these products that medical professionals have recently rediscovered is cannabinoids. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of many cannabinoid molecules produced by cannabis. This plant-based product does not have THC, which is the psychoactive component of cannabis (the component that produces a high) and is able to be used for a wide variety of medical purposes. 

Despite the fact that these products have incredible health benefits, there remains a stigma among the general population because of their relation to the marijuana drug. Phoenix Natural Wellness in Overland Park and Lenexa is working to remove this stigma by educating the community and providing products that have direct and powerful impacts on people’s health. 

Angie Doyal, owner of the Lenexa store

Angie Doyal, owner of the Lenexa store

Brian and Susan Pitts, Phoenix Natural Wellness founders and owners of the Overland Park and Ottawa stores

Brian and Susan Pitts, Phoenix Natural Wellness founders and owners of the Overland Park and Ottawa stores

Brian and Susan Pitts, Owners of Phoenix Natural Wellness, experienced firsthand the lifechanging effects of CBD when their son began having seizures in the summer of 2017. Epilepsy is a difficult condition to find a long-term solution for, as each person reacts so differently to each drug, and the effectiveness of the drug tends to fluctuate over time. Their son’s seizures continued after trying a few different medications, so they decided to try CBD oil. Brian’s father, who is a physician, researched the product extensively and concluded there is scientific evidence for CBD’s benefits. 

After beginning CBD oil, their son’s seizures stopped. Not only was the product able to help their son, it also sparked a change in their autistic daughter, who became noticeably more alert and happier. Brian began using CBD to eliminate his aches and pains as well. “We knew we had to make CBD more mainstream, so we decided to open our first store in Overland Park with a heavy emphasis on education and providing high quality products,” says Susan.

Just over a year later, there are four Phoenix Natural Wellness locations, two in Overland Park, one in Lenexa, and one in Ottawa. These stores are impacting the community by providing options that weren’t available until now. One of the persons who was impacted is franchisee/owner of the Lenexa store, Angela Doyal. 

Before Doyal opened her own store, she was a customer of Phoenix Natural Wellness. “Friends had recommended CBD to help with my anxiety and depression,” explains Doyal, who had suffered two strokes within eight months. “I was skeptical at first. I wasn’t sure I wanted to associate with anything related to marijuana. But I, like so many, was misinformed about what CBD actually is and is not.”

Doyal’s doctor told her it was safe to try CBD, so she decided to test it out. Within a few weeks, she noticed her anxiety was reduced. As a result, she and her husband decided to become the first franchisees of the Phoenix brand. “We couldn’t have picked two nicer people to help us get started in this business. Brian and Susan are exceptional people!” adds Doyal.

Brian and Susan have seen many different conditions helped through CBD products. In addition to epilepsy, depression, anxiety, and pain relief, CBD can also be helpful for autoimmune diseases. “Autoimmune diseases make up a huge collection of diseases, so for CBD to have an impact on the inflammation and pain associated with them makes it a natural, effective source for a great deal of people,” explains Susan.

Because of this growing list of conditions that CBD can help, doctors are beginning to catch on to the benefits and send their patients to Phoenix Natural Wellness. “While our products do not require a doctor’s approval, we do have doctors who send patients to our stores,” says Susan. “This is huge for us for two reasons: doctors trust us enough to send their patients to us and the medical community is finally embracing CBD as a legitimate source for relief from a multitude of disorders.”

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