Midwest Mermaid Muse Promotes the Healing Power of Seaweed

Written by T.E. Cunningham  /  Photos by Jami Marshall

Kathleen Foland operated a holistic spa and salon for over 30 years, but as time progressed she found herself increasingly interested in nutrition.

“I’ve always been a foodie and had one foot in the beauty world and one foot in the nutrition world,” says Foland. “There just came a point when I decided I couldn’t operate the ‘brick and mortar’ salon and continue to grow my interest in wellness and beauty, which are directly related to the things you put in and on your body.” 


Foland promotes a dual approach to nutrition. “What you put inside appears on the outside, and what you put on the outside appears on the inside,” she explains. 

Foland is a certified health coach, but she places her core focus on her product line, which includes everything from seasonings to skin care products. She says she introduces the food side first to new clients, starting with the seasonings and some advice customized to their personal experience. But as time progresses, she shows clients the second important piece: skincare. 

Midwest Mermaid Muse offers small batch, all-natural topical and culinary products. These products take a dual approach to wellness and beauty, emphasizing both the inside and the outside of your body. Most contain seaweed or healing medicinal mushrooms which have been in use since ancient times for their nutritional benefits. 

Foland teaches her new clients that being healthier is a process and a journey. “You need a desire to educate yourself and have the patience for the learning journey that follows,” she explains. “It can start with the simplest things like starting your day with a tongue scraper and a cup of lemon water to give the lymphatic system support. Then the focus continues by growing additional small, healthy practices and habits. What works for one person doesn’t work for another; it takes constant monitoring and experimentation to get to the optimal food plan and routine.”

Foland’s clients appreciate this approach, as Diane Battaglia explained while being interviewed at The Breakfast Spot near 133rd and State Line Road. “I’ve tried many of Kathy’s products and really love them because of their all-natural, healthy ingredients. I especially like the Land & SEAsonings spice mix,” said Battaglia, her seasoning mix readily available on the table in front of her. “I’ve used it to enhance the flavor and nutrition of chicken, fish, roasts, and vegetables. I’ve even used it as a flavor boost sprinkling it on top of popcorn.”

Foland says her favorite ingredient to work with is seaweed. The U.S. has been slow to grasp this natural health remedy, but it is starting to make headway. “60 Minutes had a feature on the positive effects of seaweed and detoxing that was really interesting not too long ago,” she says. “I also recently read an article in which a beef cattle farm began putting 10 percent seaweed in the feed for their cattle and it resulted in a 99.5 percent reduction of methane gas from the feedlot. The government is finally giving grants to seaweed farmers and those utilizing it in their feed for animals because of the amazing benefits.”

Another favorite of Foland’s is an ancient superfood—the mushroom. “If it weren’t for fungi, none of us would be here,” she says. “There is a really good book, The Healing Mushroom, which is a great guide, and I recommend it to anyone.” 

Foland’s passion and dedication to seaweed and nutrition is evident. She has traveled to Belize and the U.K. to further her education on the uses of seaweed to promote health. Her husband of 35 years shares her passion, and he travels with her on her trips. He too has made changes to his diet and seen clear benefits.

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Suzanne Steiner