The Best Garage on the Block


Written by Julie Burton

A garage’s main purpose is to provide shelter for vehicles. But we all know that’s not the only purpose. The garage is a dumping place. It’s the land where your hobbies are on display every time you press the garage door button.

It may hold tools, yard work supplies, trash bins, Christmas lights, and your daughter’s giant unicorn raft. That is why Amanda and Bryan Backenstoss are in the business of not judging

The Backenstosses are the owners of Garage Boost, a garage storage organization system which includes wall organizers, work benches, cabinets, overhead storage racks, and garage floor coating and finishes. The backbone of the company is a system called Monkey Bars, a fully adjustable, customizable, layering shelving system that separates long-term storage from items used more frequently.

How do you begin organizing your garage if you have five bicycles, two toddler bikes, hunting decoys, fishing poles, golf clubs, deflated footballs, a flat tire, and thousands of nails scattered on the floor? It all starts with an on-site consultation.

“Every consult I’ve been on says the same thing: ‘Please don’t judge me for all my stuff.’ And I don’t. It’s not my job to judge,” says Amanda Backenstoss. “I love organizing other people’s stuff. But I really enjoy seeing the relief on people’s faces when they have a system in place.”

Frustrated with their own garage storage, the Backenstosses searched online for a garage storage and organization system. The family had purchased a small plot of land for beehives. They discovered owning land requires storage, though, such as a farm-grade mower, a four-wheeler to haul supplies, and a seed planter for the wildflowers. 

They found the Monkey Bars system, but there was one problem: there wasn’t a Kansas City dealer. The Backentosses solved this problem by stepping up for Kansas City and starting Garage Boost.

“We wanted a functional system for our own garage,” Backenstoss explains, “This is a garage-grade system and we’re the only ones in Kansas City installing it. It’s amazing how many people need help organizing their garage.”

Jimmy and Gina Montalto are grateful they found Garage Boost. Jimmy Montalto says, “They provide a fantastic product, process, and ownership. Make the call. You’ll get thoughtful consultation, prompt and professional build, and no boxes or cleanup required. We love our setup!”

During the initial onsite visit, you will have a 3D rendering of your organized garage in less than 20 minutes. You will learn how you can maximize your space by safely moving your long-term storage onto overhead racks. The short-term storage racks hold bars and hooks at a level you can easily reach. The hooks can hold almost anything—ball bags, tire racks, ladders, even folding chairs. 

“People ask, ‘What am I going to use the hooks for?’ We’ll show you. Every four-foot section can hold 1,000 pounds,” says Backenstoss. “Every item in your garage will have a home after we install the system.” Garage Boost can also install custom workbenches that fold up and out of the way when not in use, cabinets, and flooring. There is even a lifetime warranty on all installs, as long as you own the home.

After working with many clients, Backenstoss learned a few helpful tips in garage organization:

• You can’t save everything. Space can be made but items won’t shrink. Make sure you know what you need and what you don’t. Be a realist when it comes to deciding what to trash, donate, or keep.

• Start organizing the clutter triangle. People tend to shove items in a corner, and it makes a triangle as it mounts up. Garage Boost tries to reverse that habit by putting the clutter up.

• Have a system. No matter how you organize your garage, you will need a system—have a place for everything.

• Think in terms of seasons. The seasons play a big role in what is in your garage. Keep winter things up and out of reach and leave spring/summer available. Then swap when the season changes.

Don’t be embarrassed by your garage. Garage Boost can help.

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Suzanne Steiner