Imaging for Women: Bringing Compassion to Screenings

Written by T.E. Cunningham  /  Photos by Jami Marshall

When Dr. Malley founded Imaging for Women, the average woman in the Kansas City northland waited nearly six weeks to get screened. 

That statistic is what drove Dr. Malley’s decision to focus his practice on women’s imaging needs. 


Dr. Allison Howard Zupon and Dr. Troy Voeltz, both board certified with an additional fellowship solely on mammography and with women’s imaging as their subspecialty, joined Dr. Malley. The three have molded a patient-friendly, compassionate company. 

“If I could use one word to summarize our actions toward our patients and our team members, it is compassionate,” explains Dr. Zupon. “Our readings are given to our patients the same day the screen occurs, as are additional work-ups. We don’t believe in making a patient wait days to get their ‘all clear’ when an abnormality presents. We treat our patients like we would our mother, our sister, or a close friend.” 

Dr. Voeltz says he was drawn to the practice because it offers a rare level of freedom in treating patients. “Here you can do the most good for your community,” he says. “You can set up customized outreach programs and charitable work.” 

These community efforts include an event for Northland women who are uninsured. They are given transportation, provided food and beverages, treated to a complimentary mammogram and consultation with a nurse on self-exams, afforded a massage therapist, and given a swag bag of goodies.

Although Imaging for Women is a small company, it is a mighty one—leading the region with the newest in cutting-edge technology. It is the only facility in Kansas City where a woman can control the amount of compression being applied during her mammogram. There is no extra charge for it; the team simply believes it is important. The technology has been in place for a year now at the facility and was designed for women by women at GE Healthcare (Invenia ABUS 2.0).

“Some women avoid mammography because of the pain or anticipated pain,” says Dr. Voeltz. “With this technology women sometimes actually allow for more compression, with a remote control which they can adjust to where they are comfortable. There is a maximum amount, and if it hits that level the machine is triggered to take the photography to minimize the time of discomfort.”  

Dr. Zupon points to their position on 3-D technology as another area of leadership in treatment. “3-D is quickly becoming the standard of care,” he explains. “3-D exams have recently begun being used exclusively here because it is the right thing to do. It helps reduce the number of women who must have additional screening, and helps define cancers when they are smaller.” 

This technology allows the doctor to see through dense tissue more easily by taking multiple small pictures and then reconstructing them. With a 3-D mammogram, multiple pictures are taken at a lower dose of radiation, but they give a clearer picture.

Kerri Craven is a patient who has benefited from this technology. “With a history of breast cancer in my family, getting my mammograms yearly is vital,” she explains. “Previously, I’d wait three or more weeks to get an appointment and up to three weeks to get my results, which was agonizing. The whole time I would wonder if this is the year my life changes forever. Then I heard about Imaging for Women and their same-day results. It was an easy decision for me to decide to drive from Lee’s Summit.” When she called to make her appointment, she was able to get in within just a couple of days. Before she left, she was able to speak directly to the radiologist who read her scans, letting her walk out with a sense of relief.

Imaging for Women may someday expand, but Dr. Zupon explains that face-to-face interaction, being involved in the community, and a total commitment to compassionate care are their primary focuses. This total commitment to patient care has resulted in people traveling from not only all over the Kansas City Metro, but from the greater Midwest as well.

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