Be Your Healthy, Refreshed Best With Reflections Body Solutions

Written by Rebecca Fischer  /  Photos by Jami Marshall


The moment a patient not only realizes, but also experiences, what’s possible—that is Dr. Greg Chambon’s favorite part of his job.

It’s often a transformative moment for the person, who may have struggled for years with a health issue—including conditions that affect self-confidence—before finding Dr. Chambon and Reflections Body Solutions.

“I’d been thinking about doing this for two years, and I went to three different places before finding Dr. Chambon,” says patient Kathleen Cannady, referring to her body contouring procedure. “He’s the only one who didn’t try to sell me something I didn’t want. I could tell he actually cared about me and he helped me reach my goals.”

Discovering What’s Possible
Reflections Body Solutions medical spa provides a wide range of leading services including Smart Liposuction and hair restoration for men and women. With over 30 years of experience as a board certified family practice physician, Dr. Chambon has developed a finely tuned ability to listen to his patients and treat them with their goals in mind. 

Becoming a doctor was Chambon’s goal from a young age. “It’s something I wanted to do since at least middle school. Although my parents would tell you it was before that,” he says with a smile. “I just had an interest in my own doctor’s care and appreciated what they were doing.”

Dr. Chambon and his team pride themselves on offering the latest technology and leading-edge procedures that aren’t found anywhere else. For example, the team at Reflections was the first in the area to offer Smart Lipo, and have been performing the procedure for over 12 years. 

This laser-assisted liposuction uses local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia, making it safer than traditional liposuction. This gives certain populations access to liposuction who may have been excluded in the past due to age or health risk. During the procedure, the target area is numbed and a laser wand is used to melt fat before it’s aspirated, making it easier and safer to remove.

“People are looking for a more natural solution to reach their goals, and we offer them that,” Dr. Chambon says. “It’s about taking care of yourself and feeling your best. I think everyone should have that.”

Another service offered by Reflections is PDO Thread Lift, which was featured on the popular TV show The Doctors. This non-surgical facelift uses absorbable threads inserted in small needle holes to lift areas of the face and neck. As the threads dissolve, collagen is produced along them for a residual effect. The procedure is painless, the results are instant, and there is no downtime. 

“The patient is awake and comfortable, so they can help guide me to produce the exact results they’re looking for,” says Dr. Chambon. “These days, it’s a more natural look. People don’t want to look really different or be asked if they’ve had work done—they want to be told they look refreshed and healthy.”

“I have so much more self-confidence now,” says patient Kathleen Cannady. “My clothes fit better—I even walk differently. I wouldn’t recommend any other place or any other doctor.”

Reflections Body Solutions also offers facials, chemical peels, IPL laser treatments, as well as the FDA-approved miraDry for permanent underarm sweat reduction and the Ultra Femme 360 non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation for women who suffer from urinary incontinence or leaking. Reflections’ full treatment menu and detailed procedure descriptions can be found at