Toxin-Free, Organic, Clean: Not Just Buzzwords, but a Way of Life

Photos / Jami Marshall

Photos / Jami Marshall

Are you tired of purchasing a variety of cosmetics while trying to find the perfect products for you, your lifestyle, and your budget? Are the drawers in your bathroom vanity filled with partially used products you presumably never really got your money’s worth out of? Have you ever questioned the ingredients in your products or wished they maintained their staying power throughout the day?  

Perhaps it’s time for you to explore the exciting world of Crunchi™. These products are not only setting a new standard for cosmetic safety, but they’re ultimately redefining what it means to be beautiful with a line that performs at the highest level. For any of you makeup junkies out there, now is the time to get your Crunchi on.

You may be wondering what exactly Crunchi is and how it can benefit you. The answer is simple.

“Crunchi is a revolutionary collection of high-performance cosmetics crafted with a combination of safe, certified organic, and EcoCert ingredients,” according to the company. “Crunchi has set a new standard for cosmetic safety and efficacy. We no longer have to compromise our health for our beauty or our beauty for our health.”

Local advocate Pam Baker is excited to be a part of this growing company and eager to share it with women who want and deserve something so much better than the beauty products they’re used to buying.

“I am so honored to be part of this cultural shift,” she says. “It is a movement created by everyday women who have become more aware of the potentially harmful ingredients found in their daily cosmetics and are seeking a safer alternative. One of the most important things a consumer can be is both conscious of the issues and educated.”

What Crunchi is not is a lot of things, including the roughly 1,300 chemicals currently banned in other countries but not in the United States. Crunchi is, however, an opportunity to discover exciting, safe, and clean products that are vegan or vegetarian; toxin-, gluten-, and cruelty-free; consciously packaged; Leaping Bunny-certified; made with safe and certified organic ingredients; as well as USA-made.

Crunchi operates as a boutique direct-sales company that purposefully colors outside the standard lines of direct sales by embracing education, integrity, service, and credibility in a socially, environmentally, and health-conscious approach. Crunchi invites women to seek knowledge and become empowered to transform their lives.

“Our products are easy to apply and make you feel as if you have nothing on your face,” Baker says. “Plus, as an advocate, you have the opportunity to network with like-minded women.”

One of the first advocates to join this cause was Bonnie Smith, who notes this mission and opportunity actually found her first. After receiving a cancer diagnosis, she realized the importance of choosing products geared toward improving her health and wellness.

“I was attracted to the wellness education and focus on disease prevention that was being provided through the Crunchi platform,” Smith says. “I was looking for safer products and was discouraged by what I found. There was clearly a gaping hole in the market space for a clean product that performed like or better than the brands I had been so loyal to for years. As a department store junkie, makeup was the final piece of the puzzle for me on my wellness journey, and I stumbled upon a goldmine. Today, I am so proud to say I’m a full-time working mother in corporate America, a survivor, and also a Crunchi advocate.”

All Crunchi advocates embrace poise, grace, and integrity, leading with education at top of mind. Clients receive high-performing cosmetics and a personalized experience that includes education followed by exceptional customer service.

Interested in learning more? Contact Pam Baker at 913.444.2723 or visit She will happily schedule a one-on-one consultation to help you discover if Crunchi is right for you.

Suzanne Steiner