Customers Simply Shine at Fashion-Forward Boutique in Overland Park

Written by Tiffany Killoren

Photos by Jami Marshall

Photos by Jami Marshall

An approaching summer always makes you ready for a little something new. One of the best ways to put a renewed spring in your step is to find a perfect new addition to your closet that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Leah Patterson, owner of Simply Shine Boutique, wants every woman who walks in the door to walk out feeling that way.

While many 22-year-olds struggle to determine which path to take in life, Patterson is busy paving her own. Wise beyond her years, she can’t imagine not following her dream. “I really have a passion for fashion,” she says, laughing slightly at a cliché that describes her perfectly. “I love clothes and how they make me feel personally, and I love seeing women try on something they love and feel beautiful in.”

The Kansas City native started her boutique online two years ago with dreams of eventually establishing a storefront. With love and encouragement from her husband, Dallas, she decided to take a leap of faith and opened her Overland Park store in March 2017. “Why not follow your dreams and just try?” she asks. “There’s no failing in trying.” 

With almost every item in the store under $50, Simply Shine Boutique’s mission to offer “fashion-forward clothing without breaking the bank” rings true. Luckily for customers, that means there’s no need to choose between a few favorite things because you can afford them all. Patterson stresses, however, that she doesn’t sacrifice quality for lower cost and selects pieces that appeal to women of all ages and personal styles.  

Style, according to Patterson, is a reflection of someone’s uniqueness rather than trends. “What makes somebody’s style is their personality,” she says. Although her own look can change with the seasons and how she feels in any given moment, she admires actress Rachel Bilson’s effortless style and draws inspiration from Serena van der Woodson, a character from the popular show “Gossip Girl,” who embraces trends while maintaining a classic look.

As for this summer’s hottest looks, Patterson says to be prepared to see polka dots and nautical stripes in clothing lines. You’ll also see a lot of Pantone’s “it” color of 2018: ultraviolet. Or, if purple and polka dots aren’t quite your thing, you can never go wrong with classic V-neck cuts and three-quarter sleeve tops that can be layered for multiple looks.

Simply Shine Boutique’s name embodies Patterson’s personal mission statement — a belief that staying true to one’s authentic self is the most beautiful gift we can give ourselves. “I just think life is too short to be anything other than who you are,” she explains. “Life is about becoming who you are in a world that tells you to be someone else.”  

Although Patterson’s love of fashion is what launched her business, connecting with her customers is what has made her a true success. “I want women to come in and feel comfortable and confident to be themselves,” she says. “I want them to find something they truly love and will actually wear.” 

With four daughters ranging in age from 16 to 26, loyal customer Tami Reeves knows there will be something for everyone whenever they stop by the store. “Simply Shine Boutique has everything you could want there,” Reeves explains. Not only does the mix of trendy and classic clothing keep Reeves and her daughters coming back, but the shopping atmosphere is one they look forward to. “Leah’s such a sweet person and the people who work there know us and are so friendly,” she says. “I can’t say enough about this boutique.” 

Although she knows how easy it is to shop online these days, Patterson prefers working with customers one on one to find just the right thing to add to their wardrobes. How does she know when they’ve found it? Well, like the boutique’s name suggests, they simply shine a bit brighter. 

Simply Shine Boutique is located at 11709 College Blvd. in Overland Park. Visit or call 913.242.7630 for more information.