Glitters Fine Jewelry: An Upscale Environment with a Family Atmosphere

Written by Brennan Hallock

It's difficult to find a truly personal touch in today's world of online shopping, mass production, and large chain stores. We often deprive ourselves of the delightful experience that emphasizes genuine customer care. It's also difficult to find something genuinely unique, as so much of what our world is mass-produced.

Glitters Fine Jewelry in Leawood has chosen to offer a family atmosphere where you can find the unique and custom-designed pieces. The staff has made these two components of its business its strongest selling points.

Photos by Jami Marshall

Photos by Jami Marshall

“We get to know our customers and make it a fun, inviting atmosphere. Everyone knows who you are and remembers you," says Debbie, president of Glitters Fine Jewelry. “A lot of people were raised to buy everything online, and when they come into our store and have real customer service they are pleasantly surprised."

The reason Glitters Fine Jewelry feels so much like a family business is because it really is a family business. Debbie’s mother, Diane, began working for a major jeweler at the age of 19. This work turned into a lifelong passion, and more than 38 years ago, she established Glitters Fine Jewelry by designing and selling engagement rings from her home. Debbie and her sister, Beth, later joined the business as well. "I was only going to be there for a short time, but I guess I was hooked,” she says. "My mother really blazed the trail for businesswomen everywhere."

Most of the current “Glitter Girls” joined during the time Diane was still running the business. “My mother passed away over 10 years ago, and I decided to honor her by carrying on her traditions of a true family business,” Debbie says. “My mother knew just about everyone who walked in the door. We know our business and remain committed to bringing the best to our customers."

As a statement of its commitment to making customers feel welcome, Glitters Fine Jewelry has created a "family wall” featuring photos and stories highlighting the strong, longtime relationships Glitters has built with KC residents.

It's not only this family atmosphere that has attracted people to Glitters Fine Jewelry, though. The emphasis placed on quality is clearly evident. “We carry a wide variety of handpicked designer pieces," she says. “In our industry, there's a difference between brand and designers. We're designer-focused, not brand-focused.”

This eye for design means Glitters can create custom pieces. “We have a jeweler who has been here for close to 30 years," Debbie explains. “We sit down with clients and design pieces they will wear."

This is especially true for designing engagement rings. “We cater to the engagement ring; we're hopeless romantics," she says. "We follow through from start to finish and into the engagement to make sure everything runs smoothly."

The staff of Glitters believes it's not just about the ring, but also the engagement — and that's where the focus lies. “We're not here for just the quick sale,” she adds. “We know other big-chain jewelry stores focus on volume. That's not our strength. We don't want you to feel like a number to look for an engagement ring. We cater to someone who doesn't want to feel pressured."

While Glitters Fine Jewelry is an upscale environment, it provides a relaxing and enjoyable setting without pressure. “This is because we want our guests to feel like they truly are a part of our family,” Debbie says. “We know our business and remain committed to bringing the best to our customers.” Glitters Fine Jewelry is located in Camelot Court in Leawood, 4250 W. 119th St. Find Glitters Fine Jewelry at, on Instagram @glittersfinejewelry, and on Facebook at