KC Wholesale Carpet and Area Rug Dimensions: The Footprint of Your Home

Written by Julie Burton / Photo by Jami Marshall

“There’s no place like home.”

If you grew up in Kansas City, you’ve probably heard the famous “The Wizard of Oz” quote a time or two. There is no place like home — Kansas City. 

And if you own a house here, then you know what a pair of ruby slippers, a little black dog, and several rambunctious “friends” can do to floors. The floors, quite literally, hold the footprints of your home. Muddy footprints from the kids, paw prints, handprints, pet fur, maybe even spaghetti may end up on the floor. And, of course, your floors catch them all. 


Chris Bradford is the owner of both KC Wholesale Carpet and Area Rug Dimensions, located at 127th and Metcalf in Overland Park. He makes installing your floors easy. Plus, there are no hidden costs. Whether you’re a novice home designer or you’re hoping to design your own rug, KC Wholesale Carpet and Area Rug Dimensions will help you with your home’s many footprints.

The best part? “We give everyone ‘builder prices,’” Bradford says. “Our prices are as cheap as they can be every day. If you get at least three bids, we will be the wholesale price.”

KC Wholesale Carpet features a wide selection of carpet flooring, real hardwood, engineered hardwood, and luxury vinyl wood floors. For those who prefer DIY projects, all flooring can be purchased at carry-out wholesale prices. 

But the DIY trend isn’t for everyone. KC Wholesale Carpet offers you full service, including an in-home floor measure, lifetime warranty, and carpet pads. They also move your furniture, haul away and recycle your old carpet, vacuum, and arrange your furniture exactly how you want it. You don’t need to do a thing. 

Bradford’s creativity and experience — 19 years, to be exact — ensure he can help you with your interior design goals. And if you’ve been perusing photos from Houzz or Pinterest, he encourages you to bring them in. 

“When someone shows me photos of interiors they like, I can always find the consistency with a customer’s favorite looks,” he says. “I take that knowledge, view the home, and know exactly what to recommend, whether it’s new carpet or a rug. My gratification comes from finding the finished product my client will love.”

The Area Rug Dimensions showroom offers a variety of rugs to choose from — but you’re not limited to what’s on display. If you have the eye for design, you can create your own rug and even choose custom dyes. As with the flooring side, an in-home consultation is included.

With his many years of experience, Bradford certainly knows the secrets to choosing the right flooring. Here’s what he shared with us: 

Decide how long you want your flooring to last. If there’s a better than 50% chance of never leaving your home, you should put down nice carpet. But thicker doesn’t necessarily mean nicer. Thinner, tighter, and denser carpet is best for wear, durability, and being maintenance-free. 

Vacuum often and you won’t have to clean it much. If you have kids and pets, you should be vacuuming more than once a week. But because it’s sometimes difficult to vacuum that often, Bradford recommends a tighter, denser carpet. 

Apply a protectant once or twice a year. After vacuuming, spray ScotchGuard or ForceField on it. 

Upgrade flooring in the spring or fall. If it’s nice enough to have your windows open, it’s also the best time to install flooring. Temperate weather helps new flooring better acclimate to the climate.

Install multitonal carpets to hide stains and debris. Patterns and textures are trending, but the No. 1-selling color is griege, a mix of beige and grey. It blends well with almost any decor. 

Remember there’s no place like home. And there’s no better place to shop for flooring in Kansas City than KC Wholesale Carpet and Area Rug Dimensions.

The KC Wholesale Carpet and Area Rug Dimensions showrooms are located at 12623 Metcalf Ave. Find the businesses at kcwholesalecarpetstores.com, arearugdimensions.com, facebook.com/kcwholesalecarpet, or facebook.com/arearugdimensions.