Lindsay Weiss, Editor SIMPLYkc Magazine

Lindsay Weiss, Editor SIMPLYkc Magazine

SIMPLYkc is a local publication featuring local people, local places and lots of local panache. Our goal is to feature articles that spotlight hometown businesses, health, home, beauty, cuisine, fashion and events that make Kansas City such a great place to live.  

As the name implies, we believe in simplicity. We are all parents at SIMPLYkc and we don’t like clutter, though we’re often forced to live in Lego-blocked, Polly Pocket-filled chaos. In contrast to our home lives, at work we strive to produce a beautifully simple magazine – one that’s filled with just the right articles and advice, juicy out-on-the-town tidbits, and stunning photos. All of our contributors are local folks, many whose work you’ve seen and admired around town, and all of whom love living and working in Kansas City.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." – Leonardo Da Vinci

We hope you’ll reach for us while you’re getting your hair done, waiting at the doctor’s office or (gasp!) running on the treadmill. We hope you’ll love what you see so much that you’ll want to secretly stick us in your purse and casually walk out of the building. But most of all, we hope we’re able to rekindle a spark of excitement for our beloved hometown, Kansas City.

Big city folks often say that living in the Midwest is a simpler way of life. Often, we don’t think they mean it as a compliment. But we take it as one – we're with Da Vinci... simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


Lindsay Weiss, Editor